Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Visit to Club Dirt

The other day Sis came over and we had another good visit. Then we went and brushed Rory as I hadn't ridden him all year. He need to earn that hay, ya know!

We opted for bareback since it was only 38F and saddles take too long. She had him on a lead line and tied up the rope into reins for me to hold onto. It was going great! He's taller than I remembered, getting on without stirrups was a challenge, solved by a mighty hoist from sis that nearly sent me off the other side! We made loops around the pasture, over some poles, around the barn a bit. Lovely cloudy day, 38F, on a warm horse! What could be better.

Yep, perfect day! Until... the big, huge, white power company truck crawled up the neighbor's driveway which runs beside my pasture. Now Rory watched it come up the drive, perked ears and all that, but Sis kept him headed towards it. We were being careful! Then the truck went to the house, messed about and came back down the drive. Ooookay! The next mistake was turning his ass to it just as the truck hit a little pothole in the drive and JIGGLED!! So, the horse does the one thing he needs to do to feel safe. He moved his ass so he could see over his shoulder.

The problem was he bucked just a smidge and moved that HUGE ass to the right about 5 feet in a split second! The knot on the right side gave way when I pulled on it to keep that from happening (reflexes are not always a good thing). I'm now falling to the left, whereupon I reach for my left stirrup (you know - the one that ISN'T there!) and Ker-Plunk! I am flat on my back!! I had NEVER had the breath knocked outa me completely. I did not know when I was going to breathe again. It felt like it might take a few days.

I rolled over and heard the truck stop. "Ohhh great, I had an audience! Dang it!" I think to myself. "Breathe Renee, breathe, you can do it.." My body does the Uhh Uhh uhh noise that says it's pondering the whole idea.

Eventually I breathe, Rory and Sis are 2 feet from me, and the driver is out of his truck. "I'm ooookay, " I say slowly and waved at the guy. Sis said Rory's head never left her shoulder, his ass just switched places.

There was no way I could climb back up on him with my shoulders going into spasms, so she knew she was it. I went to the barn and got 'real reins' that wouldn't come untied and the mounting block because I couldn't possibly lift her the 2 flights of stairs to his back.

Up she goes and I lead him around, put him about 3 feet out from me and he's ... perfect of course! The truck is gone. She slides off, we remove the reins and she trots him around a bit and he gives another little buck... Hmmmm..

Someone will be getting worked every other day the rest of the decent weather. Silly horse! Now Sis is worried I'm 'spooked' which isn't the case. I'm down right aggravated, but not spooked. Fact is I may slap a saddle and bridle on him and ride him tomorrow. That is... if I can move my shoulders to get a saddle up 3 flight of stairs onto his back.

Adventures in my world. I'm fine really; sleeping on the heating pad is helping.

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