Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About this whole Jinglebobs thing

I’ll admit it, I’m a Tack Junky! I love searching the net for new tack stores and sites; I collect websites from different magazines I read and then check them out when I’m avoiding housework. I read tack catalogs in bed, and have piles of them in different places around the house. It helps that I have a horse to buy all those nifty things for. It doesn’t always work out so well for my checkbook though.

One day I’m checking out a new place with lots of things I haven’t seen before and I ran across Rhythm Beads. Of course I had to research that with Google! What a wonderful world that opened up for me. Something to help myself and my horse to get ‘in step’ with each other and maybe put a little spring back in his walk. I was entranced and ordered a set.

Did I mention I’m not a patient person? The next day I was in town buying beads and bells and other supplies. I could do this! I love keeping myself busy; I love colors and creating things. I thought about all the different problems one could encounter around a horse... and by the weekend I had completed my first set. A local craft fair was being advertised, and that set off a chain of events. No, I didn’t make the craft show - I didn’t have enough made - but I had too many to just hand out to friends and family.

I did get in on a Tack Swap though. It was held outdoors, in the rain and wind one Saturday. I sold one piece! I was hooked but it’s too blasted cold in November to go to outdoor craft fairs, so there had to be a way to sell these to other horse crazy people... Now I have an online store and I can hang out at horse shows and O-mok-sees: come and visit me at Jinglebobs on .

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Anonymous said...

Rory is such a cutiepie horse! Happy New Year :)